Latino Community Center logo with red, orange, and black theme. An orange donut shape with red reuleaux triangles around the donut to create a sun.

The mission of the Latino Community Center (LCC) is to empower, advocate with, and celebrate Latinos in Allegheny County. One of the LCC’s core values is education, as knowledge is power. This is a vital truth for Latinos in the region, whether they be youth or adults. The LCC is committed to educating the Latino community in Pittsburgh and beyond through innovative, bilingual after school programming that serves the PK-12 population.

The LCC’s Supporting Our Youth (SOY) Pittsburgh after school and summer programs seek to advance student academics through closing existing gaps, developing students’ pride in their native language and heritage through bilingual language development and community partnerships, and developing social-emotional skills through the Positivity Project and personalized instruction. The LCC youth program emphasizes college readiness, working with students on how to file for financial aid, obtain academic support to improve grades, apply to schools and write essays, and navigate the high school to college tradition in light of immigration challenges. Finally, SOY: Teacher Edition and SOY: Parent Edition seek to provide both educators and parents with the skills and knowledge needed in light of their own personal experiences. For example, SOY: Teacher Edition provides training on cultural bias and culturally relevant pedagogy, Latinos in Pittsburgh, and classroom strategies to work with English learners. SOY: Parent Edition works closely with parents of students in our programs to assist them in navigating the school system, provide them with tools to support their students’ education, and equip them to be advocates for their children.

The LCC is closely aligned with with mission of the Remake Learning Network, as all LCC programs are committed to providing a more equitable and engaging educational experience for Latino youth. Furthermore, the LCC seeks to ensure that Latino youth in the Pittsburgh region are prepared for a future in our highly technical world that requires communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.

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