The Kingsley Association

The Kingsley Association was first named Kingsley House, a settlement house founded in 1893 by Dr. George Hodges, opened on Christmas Day to immigrant laborers in The Strip District. As a result of the industrial revolution, immigrant workers bound to the mills and factories found themselves poor and in tremendous need. These conditions precipitated a movement of human service and social reform lead by privileged university graduates. Thus, the turn of the 20th Century saw the founding of the settlement house movement.

The Kingsley House was host to an abundance of cultural, educational, and social programming such as, boy’s and girl’s clubs, literary societies, lectures, concerts, kindergarten, and science and reading classes. Since the Kingsley House became the Kingsley Association in 1917 and moved to Larimer Avenue in 1923, those ideals have been kept alive, providing¬†residents with quality programming for families and youth, carrying on the long tradition of human service and social reform through¬†youth development, sports & recreation, health, community sustainability, family services, and education.

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