Kids Love Engineering is a project of Lorraine Shaffer, Elementary Teacher. After 19 years in the elementary classroom, and 3 years as the elementary technology teacher, Lorraine has retired from full time teaching to share her love of Engineering is Elementary, Museum of Science, Boston.

Lorraine has experience teaching the EiE curriculum, and is a certified teacher and teacher educator of EiE in-school curriculum and out of school programs, Engineering Adventures and Engineering Everywhere. Kids Love Engineering can bring everything you need for an event for kids Pre-K to 8th grade, or professional development for teachers, camp counselors, 4-H leaders, and Scout leaders.

Kids Love Engineering’s mission is to help kids see their place in this world.  The Engineering is Elementary curriculum reaches kids of all abilities and social economic levels.  In Lorraine’s experience, engineering brings out the best in all kids, helps them form a positive self-esteem, and develop a growth mindset for their future.

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