Logo for K-Dogs Kidz Mission

K-Dogs Kidz Mission was founded in memory of Kyle as “A Voice For Innocent Children.” K-Dogs Mission specializes in anti-bullying and helping children with disabilities. K-Dogs will help in anything a child needs, as a mission or directing a parent to a better source for their situation. K-Dogs Kidz Mission is a very small nonprofit that has followers from around the world!

K-Dogs Mission serves Allegheny County, Westmoreland County, Butler County, and Lawrence County in Pennsylvania, as well as Youngstown, Ohio.

With 30+ years of working with children, helping them through many issues and having the chance to raise an incredible child, K-Dogs founder started to use his experience to begin this mission.  Soon, others saw what was happening and how much more could be done with their help.  

Members have taken this small mission and have made K-Dogs Kidz Mission the legacy of Kyle Nicholas Rozman (the Original K-Dog).  Kyle said in 2010 when the Camaro was reintroduced, that it had to be Bumblebee! Used to introduce the new Camaro in the Transformer movie.  Kids still want this car in the 2020s.

All members are Certified though Criminal Background Check and Child Clearance, along with FBI fingerprints or FBI volunteer paperwork.

Besides their main mission, K-Dogs Kidz has the Transformer Bumblebee Replica car and a special sidecar to also give the disabled children the opportunity to experience a ride on a motorcycle!  Always safely in a controlled parking lot.

Not only have they had parents in tears when helping their children, they have had children with tears of joy, saying that K-Dogs is the most incredible thing in their life.

Find K-Dogs online at kdogskidz.com, and on social media on Facebook groups, Instagram, and TikTok.

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