Jennings Environmental Education Center

Jennings Environmental Education Center is one of several state parks specifically dedicated to providing environmental education and interpretation to the community, and considers itself a living lab for learning. The educational programs for preK-college level take an inquiry-based approach, providing students an opportunity to develop a curiosity about the natural world, and to generate their own investigations based on that curiosity.

Jennings also creates unique STEM programs around conservation, including the Conservation Hackathon, and Maple Math and Sugaring Science + Sap Solutions engineering follow-up, a seasonal program each spring.  Unique resources at Jennings include a 20-acre prairie ecosystem – the only one of it’s kind in Pennsylvania – which is home to distinctive prairie plants and the endangered massasauga rattlesnake.

Jennings is also continuously working to maintain and monitor a passive treatment system for abandoned mine drainage, which previously impacted the stream flowing through the forested portions of the park. These resources provide excellent opportunities for students to study and compare ecosystems, investigate the effectiveness of resource management, and understand the history of environmental degradation in PA, and efforts to recover from it.

Jennings also provides professional development to teachers, and community programs year-round.

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