3 dimensional Steamshop logo with a gradient of red to orange.

STEAMSHOP is an interdisciplinary maker-space at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), co-located with entrepreneurial services.

The facility is available to students and faculty from every department on campus, and was designed by an interdisciplinary team to ensure that it meets the needs of a diverse group of users. The STEAMSHOP is positioned to promote interdisciplinary collaboration across IUP. Additionally, STEAMSHOP has a commitment to diversity and inclusion, with targeting programming to ensure that women and those pushed to the margins feel welcome and empowered in the facility.

STEAMSHOP has been envisioned from the ground up as an interdisciplinary, community-focused learning facility that embraces a maker culture. The STEAMSHOP at IUP is meant to attract and welcome all college students regardless of major, including new students, and those who lack digital and computer literacy.

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