Inventionland Institute

Throughout the Inventionland Institute, students will learn and apply scientific principles applicable to product development, including product materials, manufacturing processes, and packaging. Students will learn and apply relevant computer skills to product design, 3D printing, and video production. Students will learn and apply principles of product marketing and advertising. Students will prepare and deliver a polished video and PowerPoint-supported oral presentation on their product idea.

Students will complete assignments in an electronic student manual throughout the course and will prepare a product design, model, package design, PowerPoint presentation, and advertising video for their product.

Inventionland Institute is designed for students in grades 6-College and falls in line with the initiatives of STEM/STEAM. The curriculum provides many options for implementation; it could be used in a math, science, library/research, entrepreneur class, marketing, business, tech/shop class, STEM/STEAM, art class, graphic/packaging class. It can be used in after-school and summer program/summer camp programs.

Inventionland Institute are the creators of a unique and hands-on e-learning curriculum for use inside the classroom for students in grades 6-16. This course uses the inventing process to teach and reinforce a wide range of academic and practical skills. In groups of two or three, students will identify their own innovative product idea and then follow all the steps that a real-world inventor would follow to: develop the idea, design the product, and market it to a suitable target company. Along the way, students learn and apply skills in Internet research, concept model, computer-aided design, graphic design, 3D printing, communications, marketing, video production, and more.

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