The International Swim Coaches Association’s (ISCA) mission is to provide swimming coaches and teachers with an exceptional, science-based education while fostering an international network of professionals who are defining the future of swimming, aquatics, water safety, fitness, and wellness. ISCA believes swimming pools are the best learning laboratories for teaching and developing community and individual excellence!

Pittsburgh’s Citiparks, Allegheny County Parks, Pittsburgh Public Schools, and many other urban settings around the nation and world have a lifeguard shortage. Plus, the coaching and aquatic leadership roles are always churning, with new youngsters coming to lead camps and afterschool activities-often with plenty of energy, but without training and support.

In the Pittsburgh region, coach Mark Rauterkus has blended the coaching of competitive swimming, water polo, and SKWIM with a suite of digital tools, websites, and software to help better engage with the coaching community and youth, in the city, and around the world.

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