Imani began in 1993 as a faith-based alternative to a grossly under-resourced public school system struggling to serve low-income communities.  Imani opened as a small school with 30 students operating in a single-family house.  From that humble beginning, Imani has grown into a robust organization delivering educational excellence in safe and caring learning, an environment free of violence.

Today Imani serves 135 students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12 in Pittsburgh’s East Hills.  Their students come from 14 low-income, under-resourced school districts in Allegheny County.  Most of the students are African American inner-city youth; and many come from single-parent homes or are being raised by a grandparent.  Imani’s individualized attention, high-quality academic experience, and everyday exposure to positive role models provide a learning environment tailored to the unique needs of our students.

Imani Christian Academy’s mission is to embrace all children in our society, particularly those who are underserved, transforming them into whole adults – spiritually, academically, physically, and socially – and launching them into lives of purpose and contribution.  Imani achieves its mission by delivering educational excellence bolstered by a tradition of faith that has long been the beacon of hope for African Americans amidst centuries of persistent racism and oppression.  Standing on the shoulders of our foremothers and fathers, Imani’s unique educational model holistically develops students by weaving together three cords that are not easily broken — quality academic instruction, intentional emotional supports, and a strong spiritual foundation.


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