iCode logo with white, rectangular shape and a thick line with a color gradient of blue, purple, pink, orange, and red going diagonally through it.

Icode Pittsburgh is the Allegheny County regional office for a coding school for kids created in Dallas, Texas.

The values of Icode align well with Remake Learning: Striving for innovation instead of memorization. Icode cares about helping develop the out-of-the-box thinking process and applying that knowledge to the world. Moreover, they promote teamwork and solution-based projects.

Icode Pittsburgh started because the job market for programmers has hundred of thousands of openings, yet many applicants with graduate degrees have not acquired the necessary programming skills to succeed in the field. Icode Pittsburgh wants to bring this knowledge to local communities and schools.

Icode began as a for-profit company,  but pivoted after the nonprofit educational sector asked for the school to teach underprivileged students. Icode offers lower prices and scholarships so that all kids have the opportunity to learn programming skills for their future careers.

The course modality offered in Pittsburgh is live online classes based in robotics, technology, digital arts, and 3D design. In-person classes are a possibility, as well.

The Icode team loves equality and diversity; anything that brings the human kind closer and builds a community of caring, loving people.

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