Handmade Arcade (HA) knits together consumers and creators of handmade goods, believing that everyone can create. HA values supporting creative entrepreneurship for all ages; allowing crafters, artists, and makers to express their independence in ways that are inspiring and fun; increasing awareness about handmade, locally produced goods; educating by sharing and teaching creative processes; encouraging participation in inclusive, engaging, and innovative art, craft, tech and learning activities; and creating community collaborations making craft accessible to everyone.

Founded in 2004, HA is a showcase for craft-based artists and designers to sell, share and promote handmade goods. It is responsible for significant shaping and expansion within Pittsburgh’s arts, craft and small-business communities, and offers an award-winning marketplace that inspires people to be creative. Handmade Arcade is one of the most well-respected independent craft fairs in the country among vendors, attendees, organizers and media outlets. It is a key component of Pittsburgh’s independent craft community and maker movement and an important bridge between creators and consumers.

Handmade Arcade is committed to showcasing local, regional, national and international artists who excel in areas of design, innovation, and creativity. It recruits both new and returning vendors, and reaches out to under-served audiences, and showcases 180+ innovative craft-based artists and designers. HA features arts groups, nonprofits and individual artists in its popular Hands-on Handmade activity area. It also strives to create new opportunities for crafters, including: “Craft Corridor,” which features never-before-seen emerging artists; pursuing partnerships with organizations that promote youth and minority entrepreneurs; and supporting Youth Makers with a scholarship program. Handmade Arcade maintains a highly visible identity and brand, while also supporting other area arts and nonprofit organizations, and participating in the national craft movement.

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