Greensburg Hempfield Area Library

The mission of the Greensburg Hempfield Area Library (GHAL) is to enrich the community by promoting literacy and fostering lifelong learning. As a virtual and physical destination, GHAL preserves history and transforms the community by inspiring collaboration, curiosity, creativity, and change.

The Library honors diversity, individual perspectives and choices, privacy, and free speech. GHAL encourages courtesy and civility in actions and attitudes. GHAL values lifelong learning and literacy education and are committed to facilitating the quest for knowledge of any interested individual or group. They strive to serve as trustworthy and fair source of knowledge both historical and current.

GHAL believes the library resources and information are essential to a learning society because information and knowledge are indispensable to the development of human potential. To that end, the Library provides free and unhindered access to all forms of information while respecting and preserving an individual’s right to privacy, autonomy, and freedom or inquiry. The Library values the opportunity to be a vital and engaged member of the community in which we serve, live, and work.

GHAL encourages lifelong learning, offers a safe space for people and ideas to come together, and provides materials and programs that educate, entertain and inspire. They strive to be forward-thinking and are committed to providing leadership in innovative services, technology, and facilities for the benefit of users. In their desire to provide exceptional service, GHAL is constantly exploring new ways of doing things better and doing better things.

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