The Green & Healthy Schools Academy (GHSA) believes every child deserves to attend schools that are healthy, high-performing, engaging, inspiring, and innovative.  The academy’s goal is for children to grow up to be civic-minded, responsible, engaged, and self-motivated critical thinkers of tomorrow. GHSA covers areas of school culture sustainability, youth programming, and building benchmarking.

Part of the GHSA, the School Sustainability Culture Program is a unique and immersive experience for k-12 teachers, staff, and administrators. The program leads a diverse group of schools and educators to create lasting change by integrating holistic sustainability values, lessons, and programs across the school’s building(s), curriculum, learning, and culture.  It focuses on the three pillars of sustainability – environmental impacthuman health and social equity, and economic vitality – to create healthier and higher performing individuals, schools, and communities. The program incorporates the values of equity, empathy, collaboration, culture, health and well-being, beauty, community, and school vitality as a means of exploring vision and purpose and defining success. 


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