Crest for Greater Hope

Greater Hope Restoration Ministries (GHRM) is a 501(c)3 non-profit faith-based ministry founded by Pastor Cheryl Jones-Ross, CEO/Senior Pastor.

Raze Youth is a program of GHRM designed to provide services to at-risk and delinquent youth ages 9-18 in the communities of Carnegie, Crafton, Bridgeville, Scott Township, Mt. Lebanon, and Dormont, PA. Raze Youth serves those who have poor academic achievement, come from schools that do not engage at-risk and delinquent youth in after-school programming, are from low-income families, have an unsafe home environment, are from single-parent homes, are identified by social services as victims of violence, abuse, neglect, or homelessness, are in alternative schools, are from the juvenile justice system, or are at-risk for human trafficking.

Raze Youth offers several different programs, including STEM after-school programs that incorporate athletics, performing arts, life skills, drug and alcohol services, and entrepreneurial skills for women. Raze Youth also offers an emergency shelter for homeless youth, runaways, and youth in danger of abuse or human trafficking.  

Raze Youth has targeted nine integrated components: education, athletics, performing arts, cognitive–behavioral therapy, strengths-based case management, behavior modification, family partnership, social skills development, and community service. Each component is designed to strengthen goals and offer alternative interventions.   

Day and after-school services provided by program staff and volunteers address issues in both the home and neighborhood by working with each youth, their school district, probation officers, district magistrates, and family together. Services may include staff home visits, parent/youth conferences, comprehensive counseling, individualized cognitive–behavioral treatment services, and family integration.

Raze Youth Components

  • ASteam  – After-school curriculum that combines athletics, science, media technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics to teach young people how to analyze, evaluate,  create, and expand their creativity to improve their academics, cognition, and modify behaviors. 
  • To The Rim – Basketball program for youth ages 9-21 that gives youth an opportunity to play basketball and learn basketball skill techniques. The emphasis is on team building, the importance of unity in achieving a common goal, and building strong leaders.  
  • Lipstick Dreams – A gender-specific program designed for girls ages 9-18 to teach them basic business skills, including business planning, marketing, branding, and finances.
  • Raze Dance – Teaches students multiple genres of dance including hip-hop, step, mime, liturgical, modern dance, and ballet. Classes incorporate the history, vocabulary, technique, and cultural context behind each form of dance. Every student has the opportunity to choreograph dances to share with their class. This gives our students practice in leadership, problem-solving, creativity, and artistic skills.
  • Wellspring – Provides life-skills training for youth in preparation for graduation, college, or the workforce. Partnerships with other agencies provide training for certificates in basic carpentry, food service certifications, GED testing, and help with trade school enrollments.

Through a partnership with Abraxas Youth, The Carnegie Boys and Girls Club, Raze Youth has also reached homes that appear picture perfect on the outside, but are dealing with youth who need behavioral modification resources, addiction services, and help with truancy and academic problems.

Raze Youth has successfully impacted the lives of several hundred youth in the communities it serves.


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