The Frick Park Clay Court Tennis Club (FPCCTC), a Citiparks and USTA Community Tennis Association, was founded by local volunteers in 2007 to restore and revitalize the historic and unique Frick Park public red clay courts for community members of all ages. Since 2009, FPCCTC has also organized summer youth sports development programs and community events, including tennis and soccer, for children of all ages and abilities. Participating students have included K-8 students from the Environmental Charter School, as well as out-of-state and international students.

FollowingUSTA Quickstart and NetGeneration, ITF Play and Stay, USA Youth Soccer, PTR Junior Development, and others, FPCCTC youth programming is student-centered and play/project based. Every session can accommodate a range of students, from a few kids to dozens, with the same efficiency and quality experience. Coaches guide young players from the age of four through developmentally appropriate on-court and off-court park experiences, to help them naturally form their understanding of the games of tennis and soccer, share a love of sports and healthy physical activity, and appreciate the positive social value of community activities in parks. As an example, programs teach students about the shared responsibilities of clay court tennis; at the end of each session, players all help sweep the courts for others. Looking ahead, FPCCTC youth programs are working to give school age children an even more central role in the green practices of FPCCTC and of other community organizations in the park.

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