Families Leading Change

Families Leading Change (FLC) is a statewide coalition of over 50 partners and hundreds of individual family members.

FLC supports, funds, and trains families who want to work with their principals and teachers to make their hometown schools stronger (whether that means better drug prevention, vocational programs, Arts, STEM, school gardens, early literacy, etc.—whatever the community and school decide are most needed). FLC also works with state and federal government officials to ensure that they learn from the local expertise and wisdom of families across West Virginia.

FLC offers mini grants across West Virginia.

The Families Leading Change (FLC) Summit hosts an annual event that brings parents, students, caregivers, and kin together with teachers, school administrators, West Virginia Department of Education folks, Board of Education, legislators who support education, and community stakeholders. FLC works as a team to bring about the changes we want in our schools and communities. The FLC Summit provides a fun and educational gathering where parents, students, educators, and policy makers can listen to each other’s perspectives on what is needed for our West Virginia children to have the best educational experiences and preparation.


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