Expii gives students the power to choose how they learn. They know that each learner is unique and that everyone learns better when given access to education that speaks to them. Expii’s in-depth lessons and problems are written in diverse voices and presented in various styles that connect with students’ real lives and unique interests by using practical, everyday examples and situations.

Through videos, illustrations, text, and lectures, Expii never limits the form of a lesson. Each student can find their own aha moment through creative, fun, practical, and personal lessons and practice. Expii practice problems are powered by a sophisticated algorithm that offers every learner the right challenges at the right times as they progress on their own personal path to understanding.

As every person has a unique way of learning, he/she/they also has a unique way of teaching. Expii supports crowdsourced lessons to encourage peer to peer learning. Expii’s crowdsourced lessons will introduce new voices in teaching and redefine education.

Though Expii is being developed using a student-centered approach, Expii also knows teachers are students’ best advocates. Expii aims to become a free resource for both the teachers who have their choice of materials and those who need an innovative platform that will help their struggling students. Educators can use the Expii platform in their classrooms daily for everything from lesson introductions to building skills to unit reviews.

Expii keeps certain values at the heart of everything they develop:

  • Individuality: Neither educators nor students should ever box themselves in. Differences are what make each person interesting; they help people grow and learn new things, and when people work together, they create something amazing.
  • Logic: Reason is one of the most important skills that anyone can have. It is what people use to think critically to solve math and life problems. Expii’s way of approaching education fosters logic and problem-solving skills before a student even selects what he or she wants to learn.
  • Challenging Perceptions: There isn’t just one definition of smart. Expii is expanding what smart is, what it feels like, looks like, and sounds like.
  • Knowledge: They saying goes that knowledge is power. And Expii believes it is, it really is! They are giving everyone everywhere equal access to education.
  • Real Voices: Expii believes that students can learn from their friends, teachers can learn from their students, and anyone can become a role model. Learning should speak to everyone in a voice they identify with and understand.
  • The Aha Moment: This is behind everything Expii does. They want every student to have that moment when something they have been working hard to achieve finally makes complete and total sense.
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