There are many different kinds of students in the world. There are the curious ones, the ones who are psyched about advanced calculus but are freshmen in high school but don’t yet have access to that class. There are the ambitious ones, the ones in developing countries whose teacher could not make it to class that day, but they are still ready and eager to learn. There are the lifelong students, the ones who want to develop new skills or new ways of thinking for the workplace. And there are the hard workers, the ones who need additional attention to grasp a lesson and are just waiting for the one person who can make it all make sense. Expii is working to build a world where each and every one of those learners has a resource that connects them to the learning experience they want and need.

Reaching across the world from its home office in Pittsburgh, Expii is a free online learning platform that combines openly licensed materials, creative-thinking, and a passion for knowledge to democratize the learning experience for everyone. Today, Expii contains lessons in math and science; however, the platform is built to host anything, be it history or how to make a New York style pizza. Right now, anyone who wants to help educate the world in math or science can contribute their ideas, their passions, and their perspectives, simply by writing problems or explanations.

Expii learners can create a free account online and begin their learning journey immediately. The Expii platform adapts to learners as they explore lessons and practice problems, encouraging them through challenging questions as they progress or guiding them back to fundamental areas when they need more attention.

By proving to students that a high-quality education is possible for everyone, Expii aspires to catalyze a cultural shift in how we perceive learning. If students can find a love for learning, no matter what the subject is, then a society will be born that accepts challenges, solves problems, thinks critically, embraces creatively, and is motivated by curiosity.

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