Logo for Eshu DLC. Two side profiles, one beige, one orange yellow, with a long star on both and in between.

Eshu DLC uses narrative games as a tool to foster mental health, leadership, creativity, storytelling, and collaboration. Engaging youth is difficult on or off zoom, but Eshu DLC is leading games in virtual space and in real life to create learning experiences that youth thoroughly enjoy. They have adapted games to fit a wide range of learning goals and diverse populations of students. Their core staff includes experts in creative youth development, arts education, game design, and environmental justice.

Narrative gaming helps participants build a wide variety of transferrable skills including teamwork, leadership, creativity, and storytelling. Communication skills are key in Eshu DLC’s games, in which discussing, describing, and planning are all ways to succeed. Eshu DLC also integrates other subjects by adding incentives for completing writing, math, social students, coding, or music activities within their games.

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