The Ellis School

Established in 1916, The Ellis School is Pittsburgh’s only age 3 through grade 12 independent school dedicated to the education of girls and young women. At Ellis, the trustees, faculty, staff and administration all have a shared vision of how the Ellis experience guides students in the classroom and beyond.

At all levels of the curriculum, girls are encouraged by dedicated faculty and administration to discover their talents and interests, to explore multiple approaches to knowledge, and to develop an enduring passion for learning. As students move through the grades, they are prepared for informed participation in an expanding and complex global community; through computer technology, service projects, and core and elective courses, students gain the tools and knowledge to engage effectively and responsibly with the larger world.

A supportive school community based on cooperation, integrity, and a respect for diversity fosters in students the qualities of leadership, a sense of ethical responsibility to others, and a commitment to active citizenship. Both in the classroom and beyond, girls develop the wisdom and courage to express reasoned ideas and to lead others in the pursuit of shared goals. Through the full process of their education, students gain the habits of mind and character that prepare them for purposeful and reflective lives.

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