The Education Partnership

Our vision is for a community that is invested in meeting the needs of local students and their teachers.

The mission of The Education Partnership is to address educational inequities by providing and enabling access to the tools and resources necessary to support teachers and enhance a student’s ability to learn and succeed.  Founded in 2009 by Justin Brown under the name Storehouse for Teachers, the vision for the organization was to create a space that would provide a vehicle to equip students in low-income schools with all of the tools necessary for a meaningful, engaging, and fulfilling educational experience.

In 2018, The Education Partnership is humbled to be full partners with 110 local schools, providing upwards of $4M worth of school supplies to support their teachers.  Looking into the current and future workforce needs, TEP aims to provide teachers and their students not only with those traditional necessary school supplies, pencils, paper, and notebooks, but also with all of the tools and technology available to prepare students for a constantly evolving world.  By engaging students minds through innovative and experiential learning, we hope to unlock the power of imagination as it relates to education.

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