Draw the Lines PA combines experiential learning, STEM, and civics education into a single project, teaching students to be active citizens and to create better politics in Pennsylvania. Draw the Lines engages Pennsylvania of all ages in contributing to the growing discussion about how the state draws its voting maps (also known as redistricting).

Politicians and their operatives have used advanced digital software and data to draw these maps, frequently without public input and with the goal of maximizing party or incumbent advantage. Draw the Lines, fully nonpartisan, aims to bring these same tools to students and voters so they can participate in this fundamental process of democracy by creating their own voting map.

With some momentum towards transparency in how lines are actually drawn again in 2021 (as mandated by the U.S. Constitution after the completion of the next Census), Draw the Lines will help students feel efficacy in participating in their democracy.

Draw the Lines is run through a competition, where students can win up to $5,000 based on quantitative and qualitative metrics, scored by a bipartisan panel of judges. The competition is supported by a series of lesson plans for grades 6-12, applicable to the state Standards Aligned System (SAS) from the PA Department of Education. These lesson plans, and access to the platform, are free and easy to use. Visit www.drawthelinespa.org to learn more.

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