Classrooms Without Borders (CWB) is a non-profit educational organization that provides professional development study travel seminars to educators and students from all backgrounds to Europe and Israel. Founded in 2011 by Dr. Zipora Gur, CWB has grown to become a premier provider of experiential, extended-term professional development for educators in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, and Florida, each year impacting hundreds of educators who in turn impact thousands of students from public, charter, private, and parochial schools. CWB’s overarching goal is to combat bigotry and discrimination by inspiring educators and students to embrace diversity and promote universal human values of tolerance, altruism, forgiveness, courage, and love for humanity.

Offering unique travel experiences enriched with academic literature and direct application to classroom instruction, CWB prides itself on offering comprehensive seminars with a breadth and depth of content as well as providing year-long in-school programming to keep educators engaged and further impact students. To date, CWB has academically and financially supported hundreds of teachers to study and learn in places where Jewish populations have been targeted by antisemitism and oppression. As educators return to the classrooms inspired to share their experiences and make a difference for our future generations, the impact continues to grow exponentially. Today, CWB works with more than 110 schools in Greater Pittsburgh, and more than 125 schools nationwide.

Throughout the school year, CWB brings innovative programs, lectures, exhibits, and more to enhance and strengthen global education in our schools. Our in-school programs are heavily subsidized in order to make quality educational experiences accessible to all frameworks. We work with expert scholars, historians, writers, actors, and artists to provide a range of diverse programs for middle schools, high schools, educators, and universities.

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