City of Bridges High School

City of Bridges is a progressive independent high school and learning community built around two ideas:

  • First, human beings learn best by doing, especially when they are doing real work in real communities.
  • Second, if we are to envision a more just, equitable and compassionate future our institutions, especially our schools, must reflect those values in the present.

In addition to running City of Bridges High School, opening in the fall of 2019, City of Bridges also strives to facilitate compassionate learning through community education, professional development for educators, and the creation of spaces for dialogue, discussion, and action.

City of Bridges High School is the lodestone around which City of Bridges’ efforts are centered. The schools has a set of essential design elements and beliefs which inform all of the work that they undertake.

Essential design elements:

  • Personalized and Integrated Curriculum: Students will have the opportunity to both explore their interests and to engage with comprehensive cross-curricular content and experiences. Students will graduate from City of Bridges with demonstrated capacity in their current areas of interest, and an understanding of the educational and community processes for exploring and practicing future interests.
  • Real Work Learning: Students will apply their knowledge and skills through real work project and problem-based learning. Students will work with educators and professional practitioners.
  • Student Agency and Governance: Students will build personal and collective agency through full engagement with the school’s governance and development, including student membership in all school committees, positions on the Board of Trustees, and an ongoing dialogue based in kindness and courage.
  • Community: Students will provide service to their school and external communities, and members of the community-at-large will share their experience and knowledge with students. The curriculum will build to year-long collaborative projects that both serve community needs and support meaningful application of knowledge and skills.

City of Bridges exists to enable the society of the future. They believe in:

  • Trust in Human Dignity: Human beings possess an inherent dignity, worthiness, and awareness that is essential to our nature. The school recognizes that nurturing this basic goodness in students not only enriches their individual lives, it also enables the confidence which makes world transformation and an enlightened society possible.
  • Peace and Justice: In this time of social turmoil and divisiveness we need a school that is explicit in its intention: the establishment and support of a compassionate, enlightened, and just human society. Toward this goal, the lens of justice and peace will always guide the work of the school.
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