Center For Family Excellence, Inc.

Among other things, we specialize in delivering nine policies and practices that accelerate closures and reversals in racial achievement gaps in reading, math, and science – particularly but not exclusively in low-income predominately black communities.  Sponsored over more that 25 years by more that 20 public and private sources of funding that enabled our designing, implementing, evaluating, and refining these policies and practices, we are now stepping forward to share what we’ve learned with other neighborhood communities now struggling with issues of Justice (outcome equity in reading, math, and science) and Freedom (unfettered access to our nation’s economic, occupation, and educational fountains of opportunity).  For over 50 years we have worked with families and collaborated with other service providers to prevent and interrupt cycles of behaviors that are destructive to individuals, families and neighborhoods.  We do this by promoting our Values for Life researched based interventions that promote: Love and Respect, Interpersonal Skills, Learning Orientation, Self-Confidence, Self-Persistence, Self-Esteem and Self-Reliance.

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