Casop: Requiem for Rice is a symphonic tribute to the suffering, sacrifices, and contributions of Blacks enslaved on Lowcountry rice plantations who remain unburied, unmourned, and unmarked. It centers equity by retelling previously suppressed histories. By telling stories of African and African American history and culture through classical music, we aim to assert ourselves, transform our identity (both how we see ourselves and our ancestors and how we/they are seen), and foster reconciliation and cultural change. 

Casop’s first project was to commission and debut “Unburied, Unmourned, Unmarked,” “UUU,” the first full symphonic work about slavery. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette classical music critic Jeremy Reynolds wrote after attending the premiere that it “promises to be a grand dramatic homage to the darkest chapter of American history.

Casop envisions a day when “UUU” is widely performed across the country and offers K-12 students in every city a transformative learning experience. 

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