Carnegie Library of Homestead

A 115-year-old thriving community center, the Carnegie Library of Homestead is home to a newly renovated public library, grand concert hall and full athletic club, in the heart of  the economically challenged region of Homestead, where 23% of families live below poverty level or both parents work to support their household.

The Carnegie Library of Homestead sits on a hillside overlooking the site of the Pinkerton landing during the Homestead Steel Strike of 1892. Later, the Homestead Works flourished on that site. The Waterfront, a complex of retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment facilities now sits on that site and draws enthusiastic customers from the Steel Valley, Pittsburgh, and Allegheny County. While the Carnegie Library of Duquesne was demolished and the Braddock Library has experienced periods of being closed, the Carnegie Library of Homestead has operated continuously for over 100 years, staying true to its mission, to inspire the mind, enhance the body, and bring delight to the spirit of the community.

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