Carnegie Learning

To support both group and individual learning, Carnegie Learning provides consumable textbooks and intelligent software, as well as professional learning and data analysis services. Our solutions are designed to transform the math classroom, putting better math learning within reach for both teachers and students.

Carnegie Learning’s instructional approach is based upon the collective knowledge of our cognitive learning scientists, master practitioners, and researchers. Not only is it aligned with the most current math education standards, it’s based on a scientific understanding of how people learn, and a real-world understanding of how to apply that science to conceptual math understanding. At the same time, our approach also helps to develop critical 21st century learning skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

When you see Carnegie Learning solutions in full flight, you’ll see transformation everywhere. Teachers are able to step away from the blackboard, pose questions, facilitate discussion, and guide collaboration. Students are invested, accountable, and confident. They feel safe enough to learn from their peers as well as from their own individual experiences, challenges, and successes. They become problem solvers, critical thinkers, and curious, resilient learners, able to apply knowledge to other subjects, to other learning environments, and the wider world around them.


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