The Carlynton Robotics Club is an after-school organization open to any member of the Carlynton Junior-Senior High School student body with an interest in STEM. The club’s goal is to give members an opportunity to explore the areas of robotics, including hands-on construction of robots, computer programming and coding, problem solving, and a variety of other areas.

The club has teams competing in VEX competitions at both the high school and junior high levels. These yearly competitions task students with different challenges or obstacles, which they build robots to overcome. The high school level club has also entered into the BOTS IQ program, which asks students to create – from scratch – a robot to fight and compete against other schools’ Battlebots. The BOTS IQ program also allows students to build hands-on skills crucial to careers in the manufacturing field. Finally, the team is exploring independent arenas, such as the world of drones. Currently, they are working to create a course on school grounds for students to fly and are exploring a variety of other programming fields.

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