The Buhl Foundation

The Buhl Foundation is a tax-exempt, non-operating, private foundation – organized under the regulations of the Internal Revenue Service – that exists to distribute, in perpetuity, the remainder of Mr. Henry Buhl Jr.’s estate. Those funds were set aside to help people – especially in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County – upon Mr. Buhl’s death in 1927. The Foundation also administers Funds established by Henry C. Frick and Emilie McCreery.

Henry Buhl, Jr. built his fortune in the retail industry and created the Buhl Foundation, the first multipurpose foundation in Pittsburgh, as a memorial to his beloved wife, Louise C. Buhl. Mr. Buhl directed the Foundation to be especially concerned with the “well-being of the citizens of the City of Pittsburgh, and the County of Allegheny.” Remembering that Henry Buhl, Jr. lived and worked on the North Side of Pittsburgh, and knowing his love for Pittsburgh and its people, the Buhl Foundation is particularly sensitive to four major areas:

  • Education – Initiatives that foster learning environments critical to building a knowledgeable and talented population
  • Youth Development – Projects that provide opportunities for our young people to thrive, to be safe and to live in a nurturing environment
  • Human Services – Strategies where our resources make a difference in addressing persistent community challenges or unmet needs of at-risk neighborhoods
  • Economic and Community Development – Efforts that encourage innovation and entrepreneurial solutions to improve quality of life

It is the mission of the Buhl Foundation to create community legacies by leveraging its resources to encourage people and organizations to dream, to innovate and to take action.

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