Brother and Sisters Emerging is a non-profit organization located in the Garfield community of the city of Pittsburgh.  Our mission is to strategically advocate and connect youth of promise and their families to life sustaining resources.  B.A.S.E.  provides structured after school, mentoring, summer, and recreation programs.

The work that B.A.S.E. does with youth is relevant to the Remake Learning Network because of its location and the population they serve.  Garfield is a low-income neighborhood with over 70% of African American single mother head of house holds.  B.A.S.E. serve youth ages 7-17 with more than 80% of the youth served residing in Garfield.  The organization believes in developing critical thinkers and prideful learners through group activities on site, in the neighborhood and various field trips that offer opportunities to enhance and expose our participants to a world outside of where they normally travel.  By utilizing a group mentoring model as well as sports teams B.A.S.E. is able to have youth and adults understand the importance and benefits of team work as well as the significance of working together.  Bob Jones, President & CEO along with the organizations staff and board shares the vision to endeavor to create community environments where cycles of social, emotional, educational and economic disparities are broken.


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