Since 1888, Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania (BGCWPA) has served youth throughout Western Pennsylvania. Consisting of 12 Clubhouse locations and more than a dozen partner sites in Allegheny and Somerset Counties, two stand-alone workforce development locations and three Great Futures Preschool sites, BGCWPA serves thousands of youth annually. BGCWPA, one of the largest and most comprehensive providers of before- and after-school and summer day camp programming in the region, is a licensed childcare provider, and offers scholarships to families in need. Programming includes academic literacy, STEM enrichment, sports and recreational activities and mentoring. Additionally, BGCWPA serves young adults ages 14-24 through workforce development programming.

BGCWPA programs introduce new technology, healthy lifestyles, initiatives to accelerate learning, and fields of study that some youth may not have access to in the school-day classroom. These offerings are available through before and after school programs, partnerships with local schools, summer day camp and specialty classes offered throughout the year.

BGCWPA STEM programs expose youth as young as three to introductory STEM processes and fields of study. For older youth, BGCWPA has many opportunities to engage with STEM as a career path, from artificial intelligence and robotics projects and programs as well as a variety of internships and apprenticeships.

BGCWPA Career Works and Workforce Readiness programs help youth ages 14- 24 develop leadership skills and provide opportunities for career or college planning through internships and apprenticeships.

BGCWPA Health and Life Skills programs encourage healthy lifestyles and relationships, alternatives to violence, and financial literacy; other focus areas include drug, alcohol, and pregnancy prevention.

BGCWPA Arts and Literacy programs teach youth to develop their creativity and cultural awareness through reading, creative writing, appreciation of the visual, culinary and performing arts as well as learning how to utilize digital media.

BGCWPA Sports and Recreation programs help develop physical fitness, reduce stress, and promote positive use of leisure time, appreciation for the environment, healthy lifestyles, interpersonal skills, and teamwork.

The BGCWPA Great Start program focuses on youth involved in the juvenile justice system and uses restorative practices and a trauma informed approach to teach teens to commit to healthy lifestyles, restore community relationships and work toward Great Futures by focusing on whole person development.

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