Blue Stream Farms is on a mission to nurture and inspire the development of the mind, body, and environment for a community of sustainability-conscious youth. Blue Stream Farms addresses three challenges facing the local area: education, health, and environment through project-based learning. 

First, in education, project-based learning motivates students and prepares them for college and life. Blue Stream Farms offers aquaponic projects that integrate into current courses and are available to over 125 schools and 100,000 students in the greater Pittsburgh area at no cost. Projects focus on science, technology, writing, engineering, arts, and math, and provide schools and districts with new ways to communicate and connect with parents, communities, and the wider world.

Second, Blue Stream Farms recognizes the importance of establishing lifelong healthy eating habits by providing nutrition awareness campaigns, recipes, and community events focused on making better food choices. Access to healthy, fresh foods results in a decrease in cases of cancer, obesity, and diabetes.  Aquaponics is an agricultural technique poised to meet current and future needs for sustainable locally grown, healthy produce.

Third, Blue Stream Farms empowers students to become stewards of the environment. The productivity of current food systems and the reliability of important ecosystems are threatened by problems related to water shortages, topsoil loss, reliance loss, reliance on fossil fuels, and changing climates. The inclusion of STREAM concepts in the classroom and their application to a commercially viable business offers an educational alternative that results in more efficient use of resources that is sustainable, resilient, and beneficial to local communities.


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