Bible Center Church has served the Homewood community since 1956. In 2011, the Church established The Oasis Project as its community outreach and economic development arm, with several initiatives designed to directly provide growth opportunities in the neighborhood. The Oasis Project designs youth programs, builds businesses, creates jobs, and adaptively reuses vacant and abandoned property to empower people and transform the community. This work focuses on four interconnected areas of social and economic impact: education, employment, entrepreneurship, and improving the environment where people live, learn, work
and worship.

The Maker’s Clubhouse, our primary educational initiative, is focused on enabling positive life outcomes for children in Homewood through school day, after school, summer programming, and community events. At Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Faison
and Lincoln Elementary, we provide comprehensive, faith-based STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math)-focused educational programming to enrich the minds and hearts of school-aged youth.

With a focus on sustainability, additional learning experiences are available through The Oasis Project’s working urban farm site, Oasis Farm and Fishery. One example is Better Food, Better Me – a program designed for K-5 the grade students that teaches healthier living through food literacy, nutrition education, cooking skills, and urban gardening basics. On-site tours and custom educational programs are also available.

Bible Center Church’s Oasis Project serves organizations and people of all ages. The Maker’s Clubhouse in particular serves K-5th grade students in the Homewood community. Contact us to learn more about our program offerings, opportunities, and collaborations!

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