logo for BGC Breaking Generational Curses

Breaking Generational Curses (B.G.C.) is on a mission to strengthen and increase the holistic well-being of inner-city youth through mentorship, education, financial literacy, and advocacy. 

The staff and volunteers of B.G.C. ensure a safe space, where youth feel empowered to reach their full potential, helping them understand that regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances, they have the ability to intentionally and unintentionally break generational curses.

BCG encourages self awareness and navigation of social issues, while educating children on a myriad of topics like technology and financial literacy as well.

B.G.C. is a community based organization, focused on the holistic well being of inner-city youth. They provide youth resources, and encouragement to think critically, in order to combat issues that are faced daily.

B.G.C. is a safe space for youth to release the things they may feel nobody cares to hear them say, it is a community of support to help youth process the challenges of being misunderstood.

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