Bethel Park School District

The award-winning Bethel Park School District is a suburban school district, located 10 miles south of Pittsburgh, PA.

The District contains eight schools–five elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. The elementary schools are organized by neighborhood. Total district enrollment is 4,237.

The district has a solid reputation for providing quality instruction and exposing students to a variety of academic subjects, enhanced by a strong technology program, that includes computers and Internet access in all classrooms. In 2015-2016 the District completed its One-to-One Technology Initiative that placed take-home Chromebooks in the hands of all Bethel Park students in grades 7-12, with one-to-one Chromebooks that remain in the classrooms for students in grades 2-6 and electronic devices on classroom carts for students in grades K-1.

A new Bethel Park High School was constructed and opened in 2012, earning Green Globe certification for environmentally conscious construction. The school was built to facilitate student instruction and is a 21st century learning facility, incorporating technology, space flexibility as well as environmental consciousness. The four-floor academic wing features 95 performance based classrooms that have been designed to promote collaboration, information sharing, creative problem solving, critical thinking, communication, fluency and decision making to help students to succeed in their future careers.

The high school also features four STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) Innovation Studios that focus on the 4C’s–critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity. The STEAM culture is prevalent in all Bethel Park schools, as students begin to look at STEAM careers as early as the elementary level.  Learn more about what Bethel Park schools are doing with STEAM.

Providing students with real-world, hands-on, authentic learning experiences is a priority.  For example, unique to Bethel Park High School is the creation of the area’s only Big Data/Data Analytics course, which was created with funding from the Sprout Fund and a partnership with Carnegie Mellon University.  High School students use the knowledge they’ve gained to compete in an win local and national Big Data competitions, including the Pittsburgh area Big Data Jam and the National Police Big Data Competition.

Bethel Park High School also enjoys a close partnership with the University of Pittsburgh’s Cancer Researchers, who annually conduct a cutting-edge biology lab with students to extract DNA from snack foods to determine the presence of GMOs.

High School Computer Integrated Management students enjoy a partnership with local manufacturing company, EAFab, providing students with the opportunity to develop real-world solutions to issues the company is facing, and then present those findings to company management.

Bethel Park High School also offers classes that earn college credit. BPHS students also have the opportunity to take certain classes via distance learning–electronically and through dual enrollment.

The District also offers an Online Academy that students can attend either full or part time. Students who attend the BPOA can participate in district extracurricular activities and graduate with a Bethel Park High School diploma.

The Bethel Park School District continues to look for ways to improve STEAM education in all Bethel Park schools and has participated in several programs to improve its STEAM offerings at all levels, including the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway Partners, the Arts Education Collaborative and the Allegheny Intermediate Unit’s School Corporate STEM Partnership, which identifies Bethel Park as a technology education leader in the region.


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