BaM Choreography LLC specializes in hip hop dance and fitness. A homegrown company made up of two sisters and moms in the Pittsburgh region, Meghan Greenwood and Brianna Pato, BaM’s number one mission is #DanceForThePeople – a philosophy that has sparked movement programs for kids and for families.

BaM has previously worked with a number of kids’ organizations, including SPHS, Providence Connections, Let’s Move Pittsburgh, Kidsburgh, and Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. Encouraging families to move together is a more recent focus, with classes for intergenerational participation: Family Dance JaM, Mommy & Me, and Dance & Write. BaM is actively expanding those opportunities to families in which dance may not be readily accessible.

Movement not only provides physical health but can be particularly powerful for the mind. BaM incorporates science (Meghan holds a Ph.D. in Immunology) and their love of teaching to educate participants on the benefits of mindfulness through movement. Stress-relief, awareness, increased focus/clarity, and emotional balance are just some of the many areas covered in BaM’s workshops. They are also developing Dance & Dream workshops that are more career-focused and Dancing About Science, which covers the intricate reciprocation between the body and mind.

BaM Choreography also urges creativity and togetherness as part of their workshops. Participants are encouraged to think outside the box, collaborate, and respect each other in a time of rapid social and technological change.

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