Art Energy Design

Art Energy Design creates public sculpture that utilizes sustainable energy generating technology for public use and environmental education. We also design and create educational tools that can be understood as functional artworks. Our creations use art as a catalyst to demonstrate mechanical concepts, recycling reuse ideas, green design and sustainable energy generation.

We offer workshops and exhibitions providing children and adults with thought provoking applications art, technology and environmental design.

AED has partnered with a diverse collection of organizations, providing exhibitions, lectures and extended programs in educational creative technologies.

Art Energy Design has an adaptive and unconventional business model. AED works at the intersection of art, technology and learning, creating public art, educational tools, exhibitions and environmental workshops. As a cooperative of artists, engineers and educators, AED teams are formed by the skill sets best suited to meet project and client requirements. Merging creative technologies within educational programming AED uses art as a catalyst to engage a wide age range of children and young adults. Gender neutral and socially inclusive designs have resulted in an ongoing series of mobile exhibitions and workshops that bolster both in-house and existing institutional outreach programs.

To date Art Energy Design creations and “maker programs” have been featured in over 40 national industry blogs, websites and magazines. Articles span the gambit of art, science, environment and technology based media outlets.

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