Amizade logo with a stick person type icon and filled outlines of continents. Maroon theme.

Amizade is a nonprofit that organizes safe, sustainable, and collaborative global learning experiences for all people.

Amizade believes in building a more relevant, collaborative, and responsible classroom, and they are the product of hundreds of service-learning pioneers who have engaged in over two decades of programmatic and academic development. Amizade is the result of never-ending efforts by communities around the world to welcome others, and it is an ongoing global movement by over 26,000 alums, and hundreds of thousands of others, to create a more joyful and just world.

Amizade collaborates with universities, high schools, community groups, and companies to design and manage safe and empowering global service-learning and volunteer programs, including both in-person travel and virtual programs. Amizade works closely with communities all over the world to develop and manage sustainable and empowering initiatives, and in the process, creates strong cross-cultural bonds and new global citizens.

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