Allegheny Family Network (AFN) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to support families raising children with mental health, behavioral, or emotional concerns. AFN is a family-run agency; all employees are parents or caregivers who have raised or are raising a child with mental health and/or emotional challenges.

AFN staff, known as Family Support Partners, have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of mental health and behavioral challenges. They not only understand family and children’s rights, but also know how and when to advocate on behalf of children with special needs. Family Support Partners not only understand what families are going through, but use their personal experiences and expertise to support, inform, and empower families that are working to bring about positive change for their own children.

AFN hosts trainings, workshops, events, and support groups throughout the year to provide education, encouragement, support, and community around parents and children. Events also support families in navigating child-serving systems, such as schools, department of health services, juvenile detention, and medical programs.

AFN can be found throughout Allegheny County, in support groups, at events, and at office locations in Oakland, Crafton Heights, and Natrona Heights. AFN also can be found statewide, thanks to the recent launch of PA-FACS, the Family Alliance for Children’s Services.

In addition, AFN hosts interactive activities and events for the children of families served by the organization, including during childcare sessions while parents are receiving training or support.

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