Allegheny County appreciates people who think big, act boldly, and care about making a difference. A person doesn’t have to be from here to feel at home, or to make a mark. With only 1.3 million people in the County, it’s small enough for motivated people to get things done. Allegheny County’s Department of Human Services (DHS) is a perfect place to get things done that directly affect people in need in a positive and lasting way. The department helps children grow up safer and healthier, older adults remain able to live independently, and neighborhoods to thrive. The department’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of people in Allegheny County.

DHS is the largest agency in Allegheny County government, with a budget of nearly $1 billion. DHS serves over 200,000 people a year through services that include: Protecting children and youth from abuse and neglect and preventing  future occurrences of maltreatment; improving child wellness through family support, home visiting, early intervention, and in-home services; providing treatment for behavioral health issues such as substance use disorders and mental illness; managing the care of adults with intellectual disabilities; preventing unnecessary nursing home stays; and services that prevent homelessness and provide shelter and housing for families and individuals.

Why DHS?

  • It is innovative. Most recently, the national attention and awards the department has received are for how DHS integrates data and uses it to improve the safety and well-being of children through tools that support front-line staff in making decisions (using predictive analytics).
  • It is diverse but strives to be even more inclusive. The department’s director has made it his top priority that DHS is “the kind of place where a diverse group of talented people wants to come, grow, and do their best work.” This includes equity in hiring and advancement, as well as in unleashing the creativity and ideas of staff at every level of DHS.
  • It has strong, assertive leaders. DHS does not hire yes-people.

“At DHS we have a clear vision: to be the place where a diverse mix of talented people want to come, to grow and do their best work.” – From the organization’s statement on Equity and Inclusion

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