ACH Clear Pathways

ACH Clear Pathways offers after-school sessions and a creative camp in the summer, which provides access to a variety of art classes. Students also receive hot meals, attend field trips and complete community service projects. Art pieces and skills are celebrated at several showcases throughout the year, and the larger artwork is displayed on/in various buildings in the Hill District. The mission of ACH Clear Pathways is to nurture creativity through the visual and performing arts to underserved youth and families.

Mission: To nurture creativity through the visual and performing to underserved youth and families


  • Engage youth in and expose youth to visual and performing arts
  • Develop and unveil talent
  • Help youth invest in their future
  • Provide enriching new experiences through the arts
  • Develop partnerships with agencies that complement the mission and vision of ACH Clear Pathways.

ACH Clear Pathways is achieving its mission by connecting the Hill District and surrounding areas of Pittsburgh to its art history while inspiring the next generation of artists.

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