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Abiding Missions empowers the lives of the Allentown and South Hilltop communities by providing families access to daily needs and enriching the lives of the youth. Abiding Missions strives to address matters of social justice and create platforms for restorative justice in the community. Currently, Abiding Missions provides opportunities for healthy and fresh food for our neighbors, a warming center in the winter, and enriching programming for children and youth.

The Abiding Missions Neighbor Makers Food Panty operates on a weekly basis to provide the neighborhood access to fresh fruits and vegetables, adult and feminine hygiene products, cleaning supplies, and pet food. The founder of Abiding Missions provides pastoral care through street ministry work in the neighborhood. Other basic needs assistance is provided in tandem with these programs.

Abiding Missions Afterschool Program provides safe, structured out-of-school time for the youth in the Allentown and South Hilltop Neighborhoods. This program is focused on providing necessary activities and experiences to improve academic performance, develop leadership, and create good citizens. Partnered with Penn State Extension and 4-H, the youth have access to programs and curriculum that help them explore new interests or improve upon already existing skills. Through the 4-H partnership, the Neighbor Makers Wagons initiative was created to partner with Abiding Missions’ weekly food pantry. The youth fill wagons with fresh produce, hot meals, and shelf-stable products to take door-to-door through the neighborhood, encouraging civic engagement and connecting with their community.

The goal of the after-school program is to enrich the lives of the youth in the neighborhood in every aspect. This involves the inclusion of homework help time and bringing in various programs that teach new skills and encourage exploration and creativity. Further, the mental health and wellbeing of the youth is a top priority, with programs and the availability of a safe space to talk being provided. Above all these aspects, is the emphasis of being a safe place for the youth in the neighborhood to come to, even if it is just for a snack after-school.

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