In this energizing, hands-on workshop, educators, school and organization leaders, and providers will reflect on and learn about how critically essential play and play-based learning are to the social and emotional, cognitive and academic, and creative development of children. Participants will also be introduced to a variety of open-ended, and often repurposed (loose parts) play materials and resources that are accessible and affordable. Hatch Partners in Play will offer an in-depth orientation to the Playlab framework, a model that has been successfully implemented by public school educators in the region and beyond.

The Playlab framework prioritizes agency, flexibility, and creativity within the context of the school day and offers educators an opportunity to know and see their students more dimensionally through play. Playlab is an opportunity for children to practice authentic mathematical thinking, language and literacy skills, STEM skills, while also developing a deep sense of belonging and positive identity in the classroom. Participants will come to see play as learning, define what matters in regard to learning and development, and make a plan to prototype and explore the Playlab experience within the context of their own school or setting.

ACT 48 credits, parking, and snacks will be provided on the day.

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