On Friday, September 22nd, the Remake Learning Regional STE(A)M Ecosystem will be hosting its fall quarterly convening from 9a-11a at the New Verizon Community Learning Center in Homewood! The event will be housed at the youth learning center at the Homewood-Brushton YMCA, located at 7140 Bennet St, Pittsburgh PA 15208. The agenda will not only consist of a maker activity, review of our spring meeting, highlights of coming remake learning projects and grant opportunities, but also will feature a tour of the Verizon Community Youth Learning Center at the Homewood YMCA and the Verizon Community Adult Learning Center at the Homewood CCAC.

The Verizon Community Learning Center’s are an initiative led by Neighborhood Allies and Verizon. These are the first two centers to open in Pittsburgh as part of the Verizon Community Forward Initiative, which aims to reinvigorate community spaces in cities across the country, providing access to free resources and enhancing hands-on learning with cutting-edge technology. Pittsburgh was selected as one of four pilot cities for the program. This is a great opportunity to see an awesome, community-changing initiative in the heart of our regional ecosystem!