412 Ability Tech Ecosystem Event

Join 412 Ability Tech for this in-person event and explore the latest technology and innovations in the Pittsburgh ability tech industry. Connect with industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts, and take part in interactive sessions, demos, and workshops to enhance your knowledge and skills.

During the Pittsburgh Ability Tech Ecosystem event, professionals from diverse fields converged, fostering networking opportunities for vendors seeking grant funding. The event facilitated new connections, solidifying dedication to serving individuals with disabilities. This pioneering gathering laid the foundation for an ever-growing, vibrant ecosystem, fueling 412 Ability Tech’s passion for inclusive technology.

The 412 Ability Tech Ecosystem is a dynamic and inclusive network that brings together professionals, organizations, advocates, and allies in the disability field.

The foundation rests on key pillars like Assistive Tech, Advocacy, Research, Education, Community Engagement, Policymakers, Philanthropy, Foundations, Healthcare, Media, and Service Providers.

412 Ability Tech drives innovation, heightens awareness, fosters research, and cultivates partnerships to uplift the disability community holistically. Their motto is “Connecting the dots, bridging the gaps,” and you’re invited to join their vibrant ecosystem if their share our passion for making a meaningful impact.

412 Ability Tech eagerly welcomes active contributors to their shared mission of enhancing lives through technology, education, and shared knowledge. Collaborate and create positive change together.