Join world-renowned origami artists and educators, Miri Golan and Paul Jackson, for a workshop focused on teaching geometry through origami for students in Kindergarten through middle school. Miri and Paul founded Origametria, a digital environment for teaching geometry through paper folding. Miri is a special education teacher from Herzliya, Israel, and she founded the Israeli Origami Center in 1992. Paul is originally from England, and he has an MA in fine art. He is the first professional origami artist outside of Japan, and he has written forty books on the subject. They have developed a complete geometry curriculum that is engaging and provides students with hands-on learning about the size, position, angles, and dimensions of shapes. During this workshop, you will try out some of the methods with Miri and Paul and have activities to take back to your classroom. There will also be an informal gathering afterwards for you to converse with Miri and Paul about logistics and integration of the program. This event will be held in the A.J. Palumbo Science & Technology Center (AJP) on the campus of Carlow University and will be hosted by Carlow University and 412×972. Parking is provided across Fifth Avenue from AJP.