This vision-setting workshop will bring together key stakeholders in SW PA civic learning for discovery, collaboration, and forward thinking, to explore the need for, and benefits of, creating a Remake Learning working group to nurture a civic learning ecosystem. We will gather to deepen our understanding and explore the value of nurturing an ecosystem that supports all young people in becoming active citizens.

Put simply, a civic learning ecosystem is a network of formal and informal learning institutions, organizations, and individuals working together to promote civic education and engagement in a community. This creates an “economy of scale” that allows each participating organization to play a complementary role in achieving a coordinated, collective impact.

For the purposes of this project, we are defining civic learning broadly, to include skills and mindsets that foster civic agency and participation, as well as civic knowledge. We encourage and welcome a broad array of practitioners to the table as we set and expand our visions of what is possible and chart a course for strategic and collaborative growth going forward.

Lunch will be provided.


Remake Learning and The History Co:Lab are convening a thoughtful group of organizations who are thinking about and providing civic learning initiatives across the region – from schools, to intermediaries, to cultural organizations.

Are you driving action and change within your community – building bridges, inventing and sharing new learning tools, offering engaging learning experiences? You may not see your work as primarily civic-focused, but if you are working towards fostering youth agency, global understanding, art-making for social change, among many other topics, we hope you will lend your voice and experience to this conversation.

Convening this cohort of fellow innovators will provide space to reflect on successes & challenges, forge new alliances, and consider how we might chart a path forward together, for the benefit of our young people and our country.


Due to space limitations, we ask that you limit participation to two representatives per organizations.