A graphic illustrating an AI learning platform being developed through research at Carnegie Mellon University
The head of the lab is Prof. Vincent Aleven, and the lead researcher will be Bella Yang, a 3rd year Ph.D. student. The lab designs and researches educational technology to support students’ learning and teachers’ classroom management, for the smart classroom of the future. The software has a long track record of helping students learn.

Study Info:  The research team hopes to conduct a study in middle school math classes, for approximately three class periods. Students get to use cutting-edge AI-based tutoring systems, where they solve math problems with personalized support from the software, such as adaptive feedback and hints, and personalized problem selection. Teachers will be able to use a novel tool to monitor students’ progress and manage students’ transitions between individual and collaborative math activities. They will provide data about student learning during the study to participating schools and teachers.  Teachers will be compensated for time spent outside of the classroom, such as for preparation and debriefing, at about $30/hour.

If schools and teachers are willing to participate in the study or have any questions, the research team would be more than glad to talk. The research lab can share more details and figure out what timeline works best for each given school and class. Please reach out to Bella Yang at kexiny@andrew.cmu.edu.