Graphic promoting the 2023 TOM Global Innovation Challenge

The TOM Global Innovation Challenge (GIC) is a competition to design, engineer, and create affordable technology that will help a person with a disability live a more independent, fulfilling life. All GIC solutions are developed to address a real challenge faced by a person with a disability or their family.

*** Each Grand Prize winner will receive $3,000 for a total $18,000 awarded ***

Many people with disabilities and their families face challenges in almost every aspect of daily lives in areas such as personal care, mobility, the household, art, music, sports, and more. Your GIC project must solve one (or more) of these challenges.

You will need to assemble your team, find a person with a disability, family member or caregiver (a.k.a. “Need Knowers”), investigate their challenge, and develop a solution that best answers their needs.

In addition, you must document your entire development process and submit the Concept, Working Model, and Prototype of your solution using TOM’s Project Editor. The final prototypes will be evaluated and scored by judges.