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To address the critical challenges facing the Pittsburgh region, the Foundation seeks bold, creative, collaborative, and innovative proposals for initiatives that aim to improve the skills and pipeline of talent to become employable in the new economy, specifically in science- and technology-focused jobs.

Proposals submitted for this Request for Proposals fit within the Economic Development program’s Talent Development investment area, which focuses on how the region’s education and workforce systems can support the skills and training the adult talent pool needs to be competitive in the new economy. Proposals should focus on propelling science- and technology-focused talent into opportunities for employment in the new economy, skilling (including reskilling or upskilling) the science- and technology-focused talent, exposing that talent to career opportunities in the new economy, and forging a systems approaches to improving the connections among talent, education and training opportunities, and employment in the new economy.

The Foundation is particularly interested in proposals that aim to grow the adult talent pool’s 21st century skills, facilitate career pathways and pipelines to employment, and improve the region’s workforce systems.